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Custom Website Development Services

NextWorkz is a creative agency built to make big things happen online. We build digital-first experiences that connect people with brands in real life. Our web developer team are dedicatedly hired in developing custom website be it static website, dynamic customized e-commerce website or CMS. Our web developer team has experience of most PHP-related technologies including CodeIgniter, Zend framework, and Symfony among the notable.

Our developers are also adept at using AngularJS. This allows us to customize websites no matter what your need be. We come up with high-performing, feature-packed, fully functional, secure, and digitally transformative custom web solutions in India that will help your enterprise/ business grow.

At NextWorkz, even the smallest details are a big deal to us, because we know how even the smallest details have a significant impact on businesses. Whether you need a custom website from scratch or a redesign, we at NextWorkz Technologies make sure your site loads fast and is 100% compatible with all mobiles and tablets.

Areas of Expertise in Custom Web Development

  • Community-driven websites
  • Complex e-commerce websites
  • Complex informational websites
  • Multi-functional web portals
  • Membership/ Subscription-based websites
  • Social Networking Applications
  • Complex web applications

What You Get In Our Custom Website Solutions

  • We come up with highly usable and fully functional web apps matching your business needs and expectations.
  • We give businesses full control and transparency over the development process, and offer a seamless communication with the team.
  • We follow a smart and open application architecture, thus making the end product better for productivity and scalability.
  • Thorough maintenance of the project from our end, helps us in bringing down the total cost of ownership .
  • We implement a mature QA procedure throughout the software development life cycle.
  • We deploy, stabilize and offer ongoing support and maintenance to make the end product robust and error-free.

How We Develop Custom Websites For Your Business

  • Discovery

    In this phase, we work towards understanding your business and website needs, coupled with the needs of your online visitors. We devise possibilities and scope of your application and come up with an estimated time and budget, required for the project.

  • Content

    We come up with the right content and other features that your website will carry. We know that a good web project cannot have content changed in the last minute, and understand the importance of timely content development.

  • Development

    The development phase chiefly focuses on building all the functional items of the website and other external systems - the back-end that allows the site to operate as intended and envisioned in the discovery phase.

  • Review

    When the website is live to all over the digital platform, it's vital for businesses to review the performance of the same, and to identify the scope of changes that need to be made to the site, to better address the business needs.

  • Design

    This phase is all about how the website looks and feels. Design tends to be subjective! Therefore, our team at NextWorkz considers it to be crucial to establish a clear design vision from the very start of the project.

  • Front-end

    Once the design is finalized, the template is to be implemented, along with many other modules. During this phase, our team gets down to the nitty-gritty of the web project, and develop the front-end of the site.

  • Deployment

    Once everything falls into place, our team at NextWorkz deploy the final product and host it. Upon approval of its deployment, and a final evaluation of all things operating normally, we flick the 'go live' switch, making the website available to all.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some of your most common questions.

What is custom website development?

As the name implies, custom website development is the process of developing a website by keeping the brand's uniqueness and the customer's specific needs in mind - something not achievable with a generic template/ packaged solution. A custom website solution offers better features and functionality, all of which together help the business make a better impression and allows the site to stand out.

Why choose custom development?

If you go through the success stories of big brands, you'd know that the one thing that makes them different from their competition is their uniqueness - their identity and their ideas. A custom-developed site not only offers a unique identity but also delivers a great user experience for all. Failing to provide a good user experience leads to chances of losing users/ visitors, thereby negatively impacting the business.

How long does it take to come up with a custom website?

A standard custom website may take anywhere from 3-4 weeks from start to launch. In fact, the actual time for the completion of the project depends on how long the design and feedback process takes. The inclusion of new features and tweaking aspects of existing features can add to the overall timeline. Working on a few components simultaneously - content, imagery, and other third-party dependencies can reduce the time taken to complete the project.

How do custom websites help businesses grow?

A custom website allows your business to have an online presence that sets you apart from your competition. Custom websites have a smoother workflow and offer an amazing user experience. It allows businesses to retain all that's necessary and get rid of everything that comes within the pre-packaged solutions.

How do custom-built websites help in being unique?

Designing websites isn't just about throwing in shimmery elements, applying an attractive theme, and adding bold letters! Custom website design allows designers to map your unique business proposition and other key elements into the design of the site. While in case of templates, you'd be bound to choose the right design for your site from among 4 to 5 options, custom web development would provide your business an opportunity to go for any aesthetic feel of your choice.

Is ready to use template better than custom web design?

This entirely depends on your end goal! If you have a tight budget and want to get the business up and running quickly, a ready template might be the best way to go forward. However, for people looking for a robust solution for a permanent business, we'd recommend a custom website. A template typically offers a limited choice of colors and themes. It also brings tons of unnecessary features that may have little or no relevance to your business. This is where custom website development scores! It allows you to tweak every aspect of the site as per your business needs.

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