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Brochure Design

Those who say print is dead have obviously not experienced the power of print advertising! Though we live in a world that is becoming exceedingly digitalized, well-designed print ads and good brochure designs still have the requisites to reach the general masses and niche markets, thereby having a positive impact on the brand’s identity. We at NextWorkz Technologies create compelling layout designs coupled with intriguing copywriting – something that has helped us become one of the best brochure design companies in Kolkata, India.

It’s often difficult to catch the customer’s attention and make an impression, considering the competition these days. Hence, at NextWorkz, our brochure design services aim to deliver a punch. Our graphic designing services and brochure designing services are comprehensive, created keeping the client’s unique demands in mind. Here at NextWorkz, we effectively combine graphics and marketing to deliver the perfect brochures.

Why Opt for Brochures?

Believe it or not, but brochures are in-person sales tools that present your business to prospective customers in a positive light. They are effective leave-behinds that keep your brand’s message in the minds of your potential customers and drive them to your website. That said, each company has different brochure needs, and this is where the different forms of brochures come into the picture – flyers, bi-fold, tri-fold, gate-fold, folder, and the booklet design, among the notable. We at NextWorkz, work with our clients to determine the best type of brochure for their products and services. Let us know how you want to use the brochure and the team at NextWorkz will come up with a design that best fits your business needs and is within your budget.

Why Choose Our Brochure Design Services?

  • Be it a simple single-sided product or a large multi-page brochure, no two design jobs at NextWorkz are identical.
  • We work closely with clients to design the perfect printed piece – one that generates interest, is easy to understand and causes customers to contact you.
  • Our graphic designers have years of experience in designing custom brochures, and so you can rest assured about the quality of our work.

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